What to Expect

What to Expect

Sunday Morning Worship

Most people arrive between 09:30-09:50 AM to talk over coffee and tea or spend time in prayer before the service.

Our corporate worship time begins at 10:00 AM and concludes around 11:30 AM. Our services include prayer, congregational singing, Scripture reading, and Gospel-centered teaching.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper together twice a month.

After the service, people typically stay around to chat or pray with one another, and you’ll have no problem finding others to have lunch with. You’ll see quickly that we highly value fellowship as we live intentionally to continue encouraging one another throughout the week.

Is your church traditional or contemporary?

More than anything, we strive to help each worshiper to love God with their entire heart, soul, mind, and strength. Though we sing both traditional and contemporary songs and bring modern applications to an ancient text, we believe that the tension between traditional and contemporary style preferences can distract us from the true expectation of gathered worship—to love God. When you join us, expect to find a group of people growing in their love for Him and each other, and expect them to challenge you to do the same.

How do I connect?

BBC is made up of friendly people who want to get to know you quickly. We prioritize fellowship and are glad to get you plugged into one of our community groups or service opportunities. We know expat life in Beijing can be tough and we’re grateful God uses His Church to support one another. For more information on getting involved, please visit our Contact page.

What about the kids?

During the service, children 6 years and under are invited to join our kids’ program. We encourage older children to participate in the corporate worship of the Lord. For more information, check out our BBC kids page.