Directions to Beijing Baptist Church

Beijing Baptist Church meets corporately each Sunday morning on the 11th floor, Suite 1101, in the Grand Summit Building D near LiangMaQiao Subway Station, exit B.  Please see below for walking directions from the subway or taxi directions. See also a picture of Grand Summit D.

The official address is 19 DongFang Dong Lu, Grand Summit Building D, floor 11, Suite 1101. We meet inside the German Centre office space. Our address in Chinese: 朝阳区, 北京市, 东方东路19号, D号楼, 11层, 1101 室.

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ll be glad to hear that our building also hosts a Starbucks store.

A map of the Beijing subway can be viewed here.

Directions from Subway Line 10

From LiangMaQiao Subway Station on line 10, take exit B and walk northeast into the Grand Summit Building D (big black building on your left) between Starbucks and Baker & Spice. 

Once inside The Grand Summit Building D between Starbucks and Baker & Spice, walk straight until you reach a dead end. Then turn left and continue until you see an OFFICE LOBBY sign hanging from the ceiling. Turn right and walk through 2 sets of doors (white metal doors and then automatic glass doors).   Turn right and head for the turnstiles. After about 9:30am, someone should be there to meet you and scan you into the elevator lobby past the turnstiles. Take elevators #1, 2, 5, or 6 to the 11th floor and look for Suite 1101 (German Centre). Inside you will find our Sunday gathering.

Taxi Instructions

Tell your taxi driver to take you to The Grand Summit Building D on the corner of LiangMaQiao Lu and DongFang Dong Lu (官舍在东方东路), just off Third Ring Road. You can add that it’s near YanSha Qiao (燕莎桥).  Baidu Maps lists our building as “The Grand Summit 官舍.”  If your taxi driver doesn’t know “The Grand Summit 官舍,” you can also ask him or her to take you to the LiangMaQiao Subway Station (亮马桥地铁站). He or she should be familiar with the station and it’s a short walk from exit B. From Exit B, follow the directions listed above.

If you have trouble finding BBC, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you.  We hope to see you at our fellowship and we look forward getting to know you!

Please note that due to PRC regulations, Beijing Baptist Church is open to foreign passport holders only. Thank you for your understanding.